We pride ourselves on our ability to provide comprehensive up-front planning services. These services include site selection and evaluation, feasibility studies, material handling engineering, facility sizing, self storage sizing and unit mix design, project development and financing.

Many distribution companies realize a need for additional space due

to revenue growth or an increase in the number of items carried. In most cases, however, companies are not sure what size expansion or new facility they should build.  Whether to consider automation, or how to determine if the latest technology is worth the investment. Our planning group has the experience and capabilities to assist in providing these solutions. 

  • Data Collection and Summary

  • Material Handling Layouts and Floor Planning

  • Master Site Plan Development

  • Scope and Cost Budgeting

  • Conclusion and Recommendations

Our Approach to Food Distribution Planning Includes:
Architecture & Engineering
Our planning, engineering and construction partners interact on a daily basis. This interaction creates a mutual understanding of goals among the groups and reinforces that each decision they make impacts construction costs. The group understands there are instances in which increased construction cost is justified by enhanced operational performance. By effectively integrating the talents of these three groups, Griffco is able to deliver operationally efficient facilities at very competitive prices.  
Our services include:
  • Code Analysis & Permitting

  • Office Programming & Design

  • Office and Welfare Areas Design

  • Civil, Structural & Mechanical

  • Electrical, Plumbing & Refrigeration

  • Thermal / Insulation System

The members of Griffco management and staff have extensive experience in the integrated planning, engineering and construction format. Our project managers and field superintendents are well versed in the intricacies and nuances of commercial and industrial facilities.  We specialize in building food, self storage facilities and movie studios.  We are adept at selecting subcontractors that are also experts in these fields. The specifics of a project may change, but the methodology remains the same. We select the proper subcontractors for the proper price and proper schedule, give them the opportunity to perform, and guide them through successful completion.